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Colleen is the bestselling author of twelve historical romance novels published under the names Colleen Quinn and Katie Rose. She is the recipient of the Romantic Times Achievement Award, and the Colorado Romance Writer's award, as well as the Doug Perry award for excellence in journalism. A graduate of Temple University with a BA in Communications, Colleen lives on a lake in Medford Lakes, New Jersey, and is hard at work on her next novel.

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I liked the heroine in this book immediately. Jessica Hart was one-of-a-kind. As a physical therapist for the New Jersey Sonics, she has a job rehabbing athletes who injured knees, elbows, hands, wrists. . . and sometimes souls. Enviable, right? She gets to play nurse to a team of gorgeous, cut, brutally fit baseball players. She becomes their pal, their hands-on therapist, their partner in recovery and hope. Makes for lots of romantic possibilities except. . . Jessica is done with baseball players. This is her reaction when she meets Gavin King, a heavy hitter traded to the Sonics when he sustained an injury: Not even when Jessica turned to the coach, saw the ballplayer beside him, and her heart stopped. He was exactly her type. Or her former type. As she took in his magnificent physique, black eyes, and Colgate smile, she felt an instant attraction. Gavin was the kind of guy she used to dream about, drool over, and date. She’d met enough of them growing up, friends of her brothers who started out as decent guys but got caught up in the hype and eventually stomped all over some poor girl silly enough to give up her heart. Unfortunately, she’d had to walk that path herself. She’d made the fatal mistake of falling for an outfielder who played for Cleveland, and eventually played her. Zach had the same dark hair, heart-stopping smile, and killer body. He’d taught her what the word devastation meant. They fight the attraction between them even as their friendship grows. Jessica is unlike any woman Gavin’s ever met. She is one of the boys in her workout clothes and brisk manner, but beneath her tomboy façade, he sees a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful heart. When she realizes he is depressed due to his injury and his change in circumstances, she takes matters into her own hands when she sees him driving a minivan: Her head swiveled around and she gave his vehicle a double take. “What the . . .” “Enterprise ran out of cars. I had

Jul. 30, 2015

I’m always surprised when I see a comment on GoodReads when a reader says they didn’t think they would like a sports romance. Huh? So here are the top 10 reasons you will love sports romance: 1. These guys are hot. Seriously hot. Don’t believe me? Check out Cole Hamels or Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, just as a start. 2. Because of the sports theme, there is a ton of conflict. First you have the game itself, with every team struggling to make it to the World Series or the Super Bowl. Then you have conflict between parents and players, who may have different ideas of success. Finally, there is always romantic conflict. Ballplayers, like other Pro athletes, usually date beautiful models, actresses, etc. Think of Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez and Madonna, Alex Rodriguez. . .? The man proves the point all by himself. So how does a regular girl capture the attention of this guy? 3. Did I mention sports stars are hot? 4. Going to the game is a lot of fun. If you’ve never been, it’s worth the experience. Ballparks are like cathedrals, with the emerald colored graphs, flowers, the lighting and scoreboards. You can drink beer during the day without judgment, and eat all of the things that are bad for you: hot dogs, burgers, pretzels and crackerjack. There is a ceremony to the event, starting with the salute to the flag, to the seventh inning stretch when everyone sings TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME. (Well, in Philly they don’t. They sing to Jon Bon Jovi). And it’s the same with football, hockey, etc. But you get the idea. 5. In addition to being hot, sports stars share certain attributes that are less common in other fields, such as: strength, discipline, talent, patience, and agility. They have to deal with injuries, enormous disappointment, exhilaration of winning, the agony of defeat. . . Not something your typical computer programmer needs to succeed. Therefore, not only are they physically impressive, but they are interes

Apr. 27, 2015

I have added my line of Katie Rose published books to the internet, view them below and enjoy the reads. I am also happy to say that I will be releasing a new title, "Bring On The Heat" in August to begin a new series. Be sure to check it out.

May. 29, 2014

I admit, I was not a sports fan. I was a book nerd in school, never participating in volleyball, basketball, or even soccer. I had two left feet, and two left arms. I was used to being the last called for any team, which suited me just fine. I much preferred to sit on the sidelines and talk with my friends about my latest crush instead of being on a field and being crushed. But my ex-husband was a diehard fan of any Philadelphia sport ever invented. He loved the Phillies, the Flyers, the Eagles. . .you name it. It seemed there was something on TV every night since the hockey season barely ended when baseball began. I remember going on a romantic weekend with him in New England, and he was listening to the Flyers game in French (needless to say, he didn’t speak French!) And when my daughter was born, they had to pull him from the waiting room because the Flyers were in the middle of a playoff game. She forgave him because she looked up the game years later and realized it was an important one. So when my husband and I were no longer together and she wanted to go to a baseball game, she had to drag me kicking and screaming. And for the first half hour or so, I was lost. I didn’t get the rules, didn’t understand the significance of the double play, or the excitement when Rollins got a leadoff hit. But what I did get right away was: these guys were hot. I was a historical romance writer, and no knight in shining armor had anything on these players. Each was more handsome than the next, more talented, and when I got to know them better, and funny. They had character. I saw it in the way they played, heard it when they were interviewed by the press, and witnessed it firsthand when I attended one of their charity events. I was hooked. And as my daughter patiently explained to me the pitching strategy, the calls, and what a balk is (I’m still not 100% on that one), my infatuation became love. And it was there, while we were in the stands eating crab fries and d

May. 21, 2014

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Oct. 17, 2013

Hooray! The Katie Rose books will soon appear on Romance at Random! Set in Victorian New York and featuring the beloved Appleton sisters, these books were some of my favorites! Clever Jennifer is a charlatan spiritualist who infuriates her hero by reading for his mother, intelligent Winifred longs to be a lawyer and attracts her own law man, and gorgeous Penelope really does see the future--including her own! Enjoy! A HINT OF MISCHIEF, COURTING TROUBLE, AND MISTLETOE AND MAGIC will appear at Random this summer!

Jun. 6, 2013

Summertime is almost here! Memorial Day is the official kickoff for the Jersey shore season. Giving away TWILIGHT ECSTASY, my first novel, which is set in Colonial New Jersey. Kerry O'Toole is indentured to handsome aristocrat Cameron Brent, never dreaming of the mystery that surrounds him...or the attraction between them that neither one of them can resist! Hope you enjoy!

May. 16, 2013

March Madness continues! No April Fool! Giving away FREE kindle download of DEFIANT ROSE on April 1!!! Rose Carney was one of my favorite heroines. She was a clown with a circus, used to running her own show until she comes up against a handsome finaceer who seeks to close down this unprofitable business... ***** Reviews, and a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Mar. 27, 2013

March madness! Giving away UNVEILED on 3-15 and 16, DARING DESIRE on 3-17, 18!!

Mar. 12, 2013

Was it easier to find love and marriage in the Victorian period? Was thinking of all the internet fraud stories, men posing a women and vice-versa. A hundred years ago, parents were very involved in courtship. The rituals were developed to safely allow a couple the time to determine their feelings without compromising either party. Famiy were well aware of any daughter's suitor's history and background, while they made sure a son courted a woman considered to have high morals. A woman could politely withdraw if a man didn't meet her standards, as cousin Mr. Collins learned in Pride and Prejudice (admitted Regency period, but the rules really didn't change). And yet women were often pressured to wed suitors for their financial condition in stead of their feelings (remember Meg and Aunt March in Little Women?) Is it better now? Would love to know what you think...

Feb. 23, 2013

What would happen if two people marry for money, and then discover that neither one has any? That was the premise for my novel, UNVEILED, originally published by Berkley Books in 1993. I had been watching an old Barbara Stanwick movie, where she and her father cheat men on a cruise ship in a game of cards. Of course she falls for her mark (or it wouldn’t be a romance!) but I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she went through all that effort and found out the guy was broke. From that idea came a story. For the woman, it was easy. Women have married for money since time began. Our heroine had a child out of wedlock, and was desperate. So when elderly Ella Pemberton, the wealthiest woman in Cape May, swears Katie is her long lost niece Fan, she goes along with the story and meets Christopher Scott. The hero’s situation was more difficult. How to make him attractive if he is looking to marry money? History helped out there. In 1873, there was a financial panic in the United States, and while wealthy men like the Vanderbilts and Rockerfellers consolidated wealth, others lost everything. It was easy to understand why a man, used to having the finer things in life, would be coached by his family to marry an heiress quickly, before word got out about their loss. Yet the one thing neither of them counted on was falling in love. . . UNVEILED was a pleasure to write. I discovered how much I love the Victorian time period, and setting the story in Cape May was wonderful. If you’ve never been there, go! It’s about ninety minutes southeast of Philadelphia, and several hundred Victorian homes have been renovated as bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and shops. You can stay in a gorgeous cottage once owned by a millionaire from Wall Street, you can walk the promenade and take in the sea breeze, hear the clip clop of a horse’s hooves at night as he takes a couple on a romantic carriage ride. UNVEILED is now available on

Aug. 21, 2012