Bring On The Heat
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Published by: Loveswept

Nikki Case is no fan of baseball. Her ex gambled away a fortune on the sport, and now her PR firm has tasked her with cleaning up the league's most notorious bad boys. The New Jersey Sonics are known for wild womanizing and booze-fueled brawls, so Nikki expects the worst. Her first stop in the battle to win hearts and minds is star hitter Jake Baldwin—a legendary ladies man so smokin' he threatens to melt her tough-girl armor.

Although his teammates prank her without mercy, Jake admires the way Nikki gives as good as she gets. She may be the queen of frost, but there's kindling beneath those sultry curves—and he's just the man to ignite it. But when a PR nightmare lands the Sonics in headlines across the country, Nikki is ready to walk. Only then does Jake realize how important she is to the Sonics' success—and that winning the love of a good woman is no game.


"I really enjoyed this one! It's the second in the Boys of Summer series but can easily be read stand alone. Nikki Case, PR specialist is brought in to help clean up the New Jersey Sonics image. Too bad she hates baseball and really doesn't know anything about it!! Her first order of business, clean up team bad boy Jake Baldwin. On a bet with his teammates Jake turns his sights on Nikki only to be surprised he really likes what he sees! This is a very well written story and one I would definitely recommend." L. Benson

"Too Hot to Handle is a fun, entertaining, and sexy story, one that I found to be quite enjoyable with just the right amount of hot romance, humor, plus a good story that captures your attention. This is my first book by Katie rose and I enjoyed her writing style and was able to connect with the characters easily, and will definitely be reading more from her in the future. If you're a contemporary romance fan, especially a fan of sports-themed romances, then Too Hot to Handle is definitely a book you will want to pick up." G. Ellen

"There was just enough baseball in this book to set the scene. It was a romance through and through, an erotic one at that. Katie Rose has created quite a coterie of characters in the Boys of Summer series. The stories are interconnected but stand alone quite well. The strength in these books is Ms Rose's talent for creating multi layered characters who actually achieve growth and change during the book. Her character's voices are clear and they are easy yo connect with emotionally, The pacing was even and the story well plotted. I will read more from the series and from Katie Rose." J. Wright

Bring On The Heat
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Bring On The Heat

Published by: Loveswept

In Katie Rose's irresistible battle of wits, a case of mistaken identity lands a female fan in bed with a sexy superstar—and in major-league trouble.

House-sitting for a rich and famous friend has its perks, and Darcy Hamel isn't shy about enjoying them. Especially when it means scoring a ticket to an exclusive fashion show hosted by the New Jersey Sonics. An avid baseball fan, Darcy has always dreamed of meeting the team—especially the starting pitcher whose body is as hot as his fastball. But there's a catch. The gala is by invitation only. To get behind the velvet rope, mild-mannered Darcy will have to pose as party girl Lydia Logan.

Schmoozing is one of the downsides of fame, but Chase Westbrook knows how to liven up even the dullest event. And nothing spices a night up more than a beautiful socialite with a naughty reputation. What Chase doesn't expect is a hint of sweetness beneath her sultry façade. Flirtation turns to seduction and leaves him aching for more. Chase just doesn't know who the real Lydia is: the spoiled tease crying foul over some missing diamonds or the alluring woman making a play for his heart.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles.


"Bring on the Heat is a delightful book about mistaken identities, taking a chance, and discovering what's really important. All in all it was a fun fast read, and I'd recommend it to those who love reading romance with a little humor thrown in." K. Evans

"HOT HOT HOT!!! Wish I could give it more than 5 stars!! My two favorite things, baseball and romance in one great package. I loved the chemistry, the mistaken identity plot point and the characters. I look forward to more in this series and to reading more of Katie Rose's books." C. Hastings

"Fabulous book! I understand this is the first contemporary for this author, and she nailed it! Very well written with great characters, humor, sexy scenes, and romance. Oh and smoking hot baseball players!! It's a story of mistaken identity and hero worship that turns into something real. Great read I highly recommend." B. Hansen

A Case For Romance
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A Case for Romance

Published by: Loveswept

With a delightful wit and a delicious talent for the unexpected, Katie Rose tells a sensuous tale of the wicked, wild West and the proper Bostonian there to solve a murder—only to become embroiled in romance.

This isn't the fate Emily Potter imagined for her long-lost father: gunned down in cold blood in the parlor of his bordello in bawdy, booming Denver. Now the lovely armchair sleuth from the civilized East is determined to unmask the killer, employing the logic of her hero, Sherlock Holmes. Yet Holmes never faced distractions like the Reverend Thomas Hall, who seems unusually interested in the abandoned house of sin—and Emily's every move.

Emily suspects the "preacher" knows more about gunslingers than the Good Book—and perhaps even something about her father's murder. All she knows is it's hard to keep her mind on deduction when Thomas seems intent on seduction. Meanwhile the bordello's matchmaking ghost insists on providing lessons in feminine wiles. But as logic gives way to passion, Emily forgets to protect both her vulnerable heart—and her life.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: All Is Fair . . ., Bad to the Bone, and Rescuing Diana.


"This book was great fun, with a determined heroine and a hero who knew he had to save her from herself. It had lots of Sherlock Holmes tidbits--The heroine was a SH devotee--which added loads of twists to the mystery. Katie Rose is a terrific writer. I loved her first book, A Hint of Mischief, and I hope to read many more. I'm a devoted fan." L. Bueler

"A CASE FOR ROMANCE is a superb blending of a historical romance with a historical amateur sleuth tale. The story line is entertaining and readers from both sub-genres will enjoy the who-done-it. Emily makes a great investigator, who, along with Thomas, deserve a sequel because they make such wonderful western detectives. The addition of a ghost adds no value, but does not subtract from a warm novel. A rose is not just a rose when Katie Rose writes the prose." H. Klausner

Runaway Hearts
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Runaway Hearts

Published by: Loveswept

With sparkling wit and originality, Katie Rose spins a winning tale about a very modern young lady who goes undercover in 1895 New York in search of a missing Thoroughbred — but discovers sizzling passion instead....

Amateur chemist Mary Lou Finch once blew up her own laboratory — but that was nothing compared to her explosive first meeting with Pierce Thorndike. Mary Lou fibbed outrageously to win the position of governess to Thorndike's son. In reality, she is hoping to do a little detective work and find the prize racehorse that was stolen from Thorndike's stable. For Mary Lou's father has bet every dime he has on Damien's Curse — and if the horse is not found before the Saratoga races, her family will be ruined.

Mary Lou had planned a strictly scientific investigation ... until Pierce's sexy blue eyes sent a seductive tingling from her head to her toes. Now, as high stakes, pounding hooves, and irresistible kisses sweep Mary Lou away, the novice sleuth races toward an unknown finish — one that puts her in danger of losing her heart, her innocence, and maybe even her life....


"An exceptional tale combining romance and mystery! I spent my every free moment reading non-stop! It is about time that someone had a heroine that did not have the perfect figure and also had high intelligence! Brava, Katie Rose!" Huntress Reviews

"RUNAWAY HEARTS is a zany but cleverly crafted Americana romantic mystery. The story line is filled with twists that make for a wonderful amateur sleuth tale while brimming with a romance between the lead characters that smoothly glides into the who-done-it. The cast helps bring alive the gay nineties racing crowd adding to the feel of a well written period piece that showcases Katie Rose's abilities to entertain readers from the two genres." K. Harriet

A Hint of Michief
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A Hint of Mischief

Published by: Loveswept

In Katie Rose's utterly irresistible tale of New York City in the "Age of Innocence," a lady who talks to the dead discovers that earthly pleasures can be downright heavenly.

For the bewitching Jennifer Appleton and her charming sisters, there is nothing the least bit wicked about holding a séance. They conjure up spirits who happen to offer the matrons of Victorian Manhattan a great deal of comfort. Besides, young ladies have to make a living somehow. So it's something of a shock when a handsome, furious stranger shows up at their door, lobbing accusations of fraud—and his remarkably compelling gaze—at lovely, wide-eyed Jennifer.

Convinced that Jennifer has swindled his grieving mother out of a sizable sum, Gabriel Forester is prepared to put her out of business for good. But the lady he confronts is a total revelation—and a surprising temptation. As passion flares unexpectedly, the fiery opponents are drawn into a devilish game of seduction. Now Gabriel and Jennifer must learn to forget the ghostly voices of the past . . . and listen to their beating hearts.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Trying to Score, Long Simmering Spring, and Scarlet Lady.


"A Hint of Mischief is a very well-written, engaging story of love between two very different people who nonetheless complement each other very nicely. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good romance with a touch of humor and magic." A. Mallory

"HINT OF MISCHIEF is a humorous historical romance that will be loved by fans of the sub-genre. The lead protagonists make a heavenly pair and the story line is fun to read. Katie Rose's brilliant depiction of 1870's New York City sounds like paradise. This novel will be recognized as one of the better romances of the year." S. Tasker

Courting Trouble
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courting trouble

Published by: Loveswept

In this charming historical romance, an enticing attorney and a determined suffragette learn the hard way that there's more to life—and love—than getting their way.

No one could accuse the Appleton sisters of embracing tradition. After all, they've earned their living as spiritualists ever since their parents' tragic death—and are succeeding famously. Now Winifred Appleton hopes to champion the rights of women by becoming a lawyer. But when she learns that no law school will accept a woman, Winifred is left with just one choice: accepting an apprenticeship from Charles Howe—and trying to ignore the fiery passion the handsome prosecutor arouses.

Intrigued by Winifred's spirit—and tempted by her beauty—Charles believes that taking her under his wing is a flawless plan. She'll surely buckle under the pressure of pursuing her career, leaving him free to propose a different kind of partnership: matrimony. But when the pair are pitted on opposite sides of a contentious murder trial, they learn that love is the only argument that matters.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Tempting a Devil, The Story Guy, and Friday Night Alibi.


"COURTING TROUBLE is a fine example of masterful writing. Katie Rose has told the story of Winnie and Charles in a brilliant and passionate way. Nothing pleases me more than a fiesty heroine and a devastatingly handsome hero. The characters in this story are of the finest quality and the supporting cast is nothing short of inspirational...Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony...OUTSTANDING! I would never have imagined I could love a law book set in the 1800's." K. Syed

"In "Courting Trouble," author Katie Rose incorporates humor, intrigue, and intense emotions to present a riveting case for romance. In her fascinating story, she gives readers insight to the obstacles women faced in the late 1800s, and how one determined young lady could overcome those barriers to find love and happiness, and a career. A sequel to her novel, "Hint of Mischief" (Bantam Book, April 1998), "Courting Trouble" captures the very essence of the times and struggles women have faced, making a strong case for romance in the process. This jury finds Katie Rose guilty of writing a delightful tale." S. Chance

Mistletoe & Magic
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Mistletoe & Magic (Novella)

Published by: Loveswept

In Katie Rose's delightful eBook original novella set in Victorian New York City, a remarkable woman with the gift of second sight must learn to trust her visions while following her heart.

Blond, angelic Penelope Appleton possesses breathtaking looks—and a troublesome secret. She and her two charming—and newly married—sisters have inspired quite a following posing as spiritualists. However, unlike her clever sisters, Penelope actually does glimpse the future. On the eve of her coming out at a Christmas ball, Penelope sees a vision of a rakishly handsome dark-haired man who she knows is her destiny. But her premonition comes with a terrible price: She also foretells his death.

Jared Marton takes one look at Penelope and his fate is sealed. He must possess her, heart and soul, even if his efforts to get close to this ethereal beauty are thwarted by her determination to deny the magic between them . . . until a perfect kiss dissolves all barriers to sweet surrender. But when Jared discovers the burden she carries, a perfect love is challenged by the cold winds of fate.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Slow Summer Burn, Blue Lines, and After the Kiss.


"Though Mistletoe and Magic may be only 118 pages Katie Rose packed it with romance, sadness, heartache and a warm tale of love surviving anything. I loved that Jared was not a man to just give up. Penelope, however, seemed determined to not fall but come on Jared is just so sweet and romantic in this book. I laughed at some things he did and applaud for him not giving up on his woman. Definitely a good book to get and sweet romance makes you believe that love can overcome anything." C. Melena

"Mistletoe and Magic was a wonderful historical romance novella. Romance lovers, if you want a quick, light, sweet read, this is a book you'll want to check out." M. Farrah